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CAD Services


We use the latest design and modeling software to create 3D models and 2D drawings. We can create drawings and models for assemblies and components to bring your ideas to a production capable level. We can 


  • Create or revise AutoCAD 2D drawings from your specifications or prints.

  • Create 3D Inventor, SolidWorks or OnShape models for analysis or manufacturing.

  • Stress analysis of components and assemblies for product development.

  • Design validation through finite element analysis, loading analysis and standard analysis methods.

  • Measure dimensions and materials on-site to create drawings and models.

  • Analyze, modify, and optimize existing designs.

  • Provide complete engineering designs, including production drawings, bills of material, and 3D models. 

  • 3D Printing.

CAD Proficiencies:

  • AutoCAD

  • DraftSight

  • SolidWorks

  • Inventor

  • SolidEdge

  • OnShape

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