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Introducing Madison Smith, a vibrant Technical Writer at McDowell Engineers & Associates. Raised in the close-knit city of Johns Creek, GA, Madison brings a fresh perspective honed at the esteemed University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where she graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

Madison spends her days crafting and refining documents with precision, navigating the intricate world of technical jargon. Whether she's liaising with corporate professionals or collaborating with brilliant engineers in meetings, Madison thrives on the challenge of streamlining processes and facilitating the workload of those around her. 

Madison is set apart by her insatiable curiosity and eagerness to learn. She was led to this role through networking, alongside the interest she took in her technical writing classes at UNC Charlotte. Now immersed in a diverse group of personalities at MEA, she relishes every opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills. 

Madison's professional experience includes freelance writing to dishing out captivating articles for newspapers and magazines.  People would be surprised to know that she is a huge Ohio State fan.

Beyond her desk, Madison's interests paint a picture of her multifaceted personality. Her hobbies include reading fiction novels, plotting her next move on the chessboard, and playing basketball. She is passionate about career development and loves her dogs Bear, Bluey, and Sadie (no, Bluey is not blue).

While Chicago holds a special place in her heart as a favorite travel destination, she has plans to explore more beyond the U.S.  

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