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Meet David E. Atwater III, a Mechanical Engineer fueling innovation at McDowell Engineers & Associates. Originating from Durham, North Carolina, David has dedicated almost a year to driving transformative initiatives within the company, aiming to enhance efficiency and transition towards predictive maintenance strategies.


David's academic journey began at the University of Pittsburgh, where he delved into the world of Mechanical Engineering. Armed with this foundation, he embarked on a professional journey spanning over 15 years in the automotive manufacturing field. From steering projects as a Project Manager to optimizing processes as a Manufacturing Engineer and overseeing facilities as a Facilities Manager, David's unique experience equips him with an understanding of engineering dynamics.


Beyond the realm of engineering, David is a man of diverse interests and passions. Whether he's dribbling on the basketball court, sparring in the boxing ring, perfecting his swing on the golf course, or setting sail on a boat, David thrives on exploring the world of various sports. As a lover of the outdoors, he finds solace in activities like camping, fishing, and hunting, while also nurturing hobbies like record collecting and curating a collection of fine beers.


However, amidst the ups and downs of life, David's heart lies with his family. Together with his wife, he calls Durham home, cherishing the proximity to his mother and eagerly anticipating the return of his sister, brother-in-law, and nephew to their roots in Durham.


In David E. Atwater III, we find an engineer with a profound appreciation for the bonds of family. His commitment to the continuous improvement program makes him a valuable asset to the McDowell Engineers & Associates team.

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